Hobie Compass


Big News for the European market!

Hobie have released the brand new model, Compass. To compete with the lower price segment. And wow what a kayak!

It was in september Hobie released their newest modell, the Compass.
We at Kayakstore.se got our hands on it in the beginning of Novemeber.
The kayak is a standard 12’ kayak (366 cm) and with a width of 86 cm.
For a person who is familiar with Hobies range of kayaks you could say that this is a merge between the popular Hobie Outback and the Hobie Pro Angler. It has the design and form aspects of the Pro Angler but the size of the Outback. This gives the Compass the speed and lightness of the Outback but the space and fish-ability of the Pro Angler. The kayak is like all of Hobies modells made of rotomolded polyethylene. They are durable and their present breaths quality.
Even though this is a kayak in the 2200 Euro class it feels much more.

But what have they saved on you think?
Well Hobie is famous for finess and smart designs. This kayak comes with a standard round hatch infront of the seat and the brand new H-tracks to mount accessories on. But that is about it. You are given thru-hull plugs for electronics with the kayak but they are not mounted. Hobies says that they have saved production cost on the details. Not having to spend time on assembling hatches, wiring and so on.

It’s clearly visible with Hobie’s push on Youtube with a lot of movies showcasing different way of upgrading your compass with new hatches, the thru-hull plugs, Lowrance units, Powerpoles and so on. They deliver a high quality kayak that is open for a lot of upgrades and mods. But the leave those to the customer. Very Smart!

We have been out fishing with these several times now and this is a great kayak. It’s fast with the orignial Mirage Drive, turns really good and have really nice standing capabilites for it’s size. This is a fantastic kayak for the first-buyer, for the person who like to modify or upgrade their kayak, or for the person who are interested in exceeding their kayak-arsenal. This is a well priced kayak that impresses us.

Felix Frey // Kayakstore.se