KingFisher new 2-piece fishing kayak from Point65


Easy to carry, stable and comfortable

New fromPoint65 KingFisher, a new 2-piece fishing kayak. Kingfisher is an advanced fishing kayak that is amazingly smooth and stunningly stable. To reach those secret fishing places, you can paddle in the usual way, but also with pedals or electric motor.

The pices fits the kayak in a regular size combi car. It takes only a few seconds to assemble and then you have an advanced world-class fishing kayak, “says Richard Öhman, founder of Point 65 Sweden. Kayaking is an activity of strong progress. In an environmentally quiet way, you reach places you do not get in with a regular boat. Many of the fishing kayaks that are on the market are both heavy, difficult and bulky. Point 65 KingFisher is a brand new fishing kayak that is steady, stable, lightweight and course stable.

Point 65’s proven patented conector system, SnapTap allows KingFisher to be easily divided into two parts that easily fit into a car or in the elevator to the apartment. The fishing kayak is assembled in a few seconds for a safe, stable, smooth fishing kayak that can also carry a lot of equipment. Even though it’s only 79 centimeters wide, it’s amazingly well balanced, making it easy to stand up in the kayak and fish. A twin-sided hand-operated rudder system makes it easy to maneuver.

KingFisher Game Chair is very comfortable to sit in and provides a perfect paddling position for those who choose to paddle. It is also available with a pedal drive for those who prefer to use

their legs and it moves both forwards and backwards for up to 10 kilometers per hour with a

range of 32 kilometers. An option, electric power is also offered, with ScubaJet Motor Drive included. Its integrated battery pack has revolutionized the electric motor market for fish kayaks.

“With new Kingfisher we have managed to find completely new solutions to reach the fishermans wet dream. Quiet fishing trips where you can have all the equipment and snacks with you for a catchy day on the lake, says Richard Öhman.

Facts Point65 KingFisher
KingFisher Solo: KingFisher front section: KingFisher stern:
Length: 331cm Length: 171cm Length: 167cm
Width: 79cm Width: 79cm Width: 79cm
Height: 31cm Height: 31cm Height: 31cm
Weight: 32 kg Weight: 16kg Weight: 16kg

Point65 KingFischer is available for purchase from from spring 2018
More info at Point65 shortly

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