Next generation poppers


Fishing with surface lures is one of the highlights in the summer. In my case, the popper fishing after a bigger perch is something I remember with a wide smile, during dark and long winter days.

The poppers available on the market today are all quite similar. Till the season 2018, Salmo has developed Fury Pop, which stands out a bit. I was given the opportunity to test fish and take a closer look at the bait in the fall of 2017. Simply described, it has a felt covered surface.

The rugged surface draws more water at each pop and gets stops faster. In addition, the bait feels more natural for the fish, which gives a harder baits that adds an extra second or two to set the hooks.

The pause is the most important thing in popper fishing, and most of the takes comes when the bait is still a few seconds, in the surface film.

Fury Pop comes in six fish catching colors. With a feathered sharp Mustad KVD hook. With rattles. Realistic 3D eyes and stainless steel split rings.

If you havent tested popper fishing, you have missed out on one of the most exiting methods. Popper fishing is easy. Fishing near vegetation or over edges. Throw out and take home the bait with short jerks, let the poppers sit for a second or two. Make a new jerk and repeat. The strike is always surprising and almost always during the short break when the bait is still.

I use the method mostly for perch fishing , but almost all predators likes a fast surface bait.

Seeing the strike is really addictive.

Text Tommy Lönnebacke