The story behind Kayakfish EU


We have now done our first year with and the response has been fantastic. We grow with every issue. It all started about 5 years ago when I learned to know the late Jan Liska who was the team leader for Jackson Kayaks fishing team in Europe.

Back then I wrote articles and news for a Swedish online magazine on daily basis. Jan wrote articles about kayak fishing for Jackson Kayaks and magazines all over the world. When we met in south of Sweden for a fishing competition that now has his name I asked if there was any European magazines about kayak fishing and he answerd -We should have. For almost a year keept discussing this and 3 years ago I launched in Sweden with a promise from Jan to help me wiht content and his contacts in the kayak fishing industry.

Jan Liska

Thru Jan´s and my friend James Venimore´s contacts and support I was ready to launch a year ago. We are made by passionate kayaker who wants to get moore people in to our sport. We don´t get paid, we just do it for the love of kayak fishing.

I want to THANK all of you who have helped with content and other support to make to happen.

Most of the development in kayak fishing comes from USA, but I see small glimts of ideas and gear poping up around Europe and this is exactly what we need. We need all parts of the world to improve kayak fishing so it fit´s the fishing we are doing where ever we fish on the globe.

My the absolute first time in a fishing kayak. Thanks James Venimore for introducing me to the sport!

For our second year I want you who read this to be a part of us and send your first article to us!
You don´t need to be a pro, you just need to love our sport and share your adventures and experience with us.

Love to hear from you all during 2018.
Tommy Lönnebacke, / for kayak fishermen by kayak fishermen.